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12 May 1985
The Normandy
i may be a broken toy, but you are a chinese crib factory that uses lead paint.

"that's a squirting", CAPSLOCK, 8}, :'), accurate male masturbation habits, alexandria high school, alternative uses for zebras, andy mcdermott, asian jesus, balthier/ba'gamnan, baristis, because i'm chuck bass, being classy, better living through chemistry, bow chicka bow wow, bran/vic otp, but i brought you flowers, canonrape, die in a shark on fire, does anyone have a mop, dolemite quotes, dominic/anemone, douchebaggery, dragons of unity!!!, duncan's taint, edward's icy erection, empress dowager, evander de vag, ezio loves vagina, fat will, ferian fucking raufern, ferian will let you fish, ferian/jesus otp, flying robots‚ like a boss, george lucas/tetsuya nomura=canonraping otp, getonthehydrasback, go go london rangers, grouchy likes pretty, grumpy german foundation, have tea with demyx, his name is kamui, holland/talho, how do i shot bomb, hurting kai, i blame barton, j-town (jerusalem), johannesburg's illegal head-trading cartel, just a little kick in the cunt, kamui is back in tokyo, kanyecepting, kate = al gore, kicking iz, kløtsj, kyle/evander: theirloveissohorrid, leeroy the duct tape worm, legend/anaros otp, malcolm x is gaston, marche's dendrophilia, mermaid caviar, moondoggie/bathroom otp, moonwalking on the ceiling, nadia/tree/kyler, naked fun, newsies, ni has a spoo, nina wilde/eddie chase, ninj, o jaspy, ow hot! ow cold!, passwords = candy, power rangers, puck reads twilight, puckelberry, raziel has spider sences lol, razkip and torkay, rich people's bathrooms, rick astley, robot rape ring, sasuke "zero" minami, scott/mo, shark money, she's my taint, silky silky fingerdicks, sonic being a dick, spitefully active, stripping cesare borgia, sylar's bisexual fury, take the motherfucking cookie, taryn is a dopehead, teh boobs don't moe, the holloways, the lolturi, the toothfairy is a fickle bitch, the war on christmas, the wilde-chases, ugly like scott, varis is mo's toilet, victor goddamn sullivan, xuin, xyou, yakuza #28, you just lost the game, your mom, your mom by clamp, zaeed goddamn massani


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